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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  January 28, 2011 12:05am-1:05am PST

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closing arguments time, and after a week of protests, egypt is bracing for a potentially deadly showdown friday between opponents of long-time president hosni mubarak and protesters.
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vice president biden called mubarak and ally tonight and the u.s. sends his government billions each year for help hunting terrorists and normalizing relationship with israel. we ask tonight, what should the american position be on an egyptian revolution? please downor conversation, tell us what you think at the "nightline" facebook page or on the "nightline" page at and of course we'll have much more on the story out of egypt tomorrow night on "nightline." but that is our report for tonight. for all of us here at abc news, good night, america. >> jimmy: hi, i'm jimmy kimmel for lifelock identity theft protection. identity theft is a much bigger problem than most people realize. the reason it's one of the fastest growing crimes is because it can be so easy to commit. the experts at lifelock are working right now to keep members safe, and they're available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. the point is, you can never be
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too safe, right guillermo? >> si, jimmy. >> jimmy: what a minute. you've split in two. >> no, it is worse, he stole my identity! i'm the real guillermo. >> he's lying. he stole my identity. i am the real guillermo. >> jimmy: this is so confusing. let me come up with a question only the real guillermo could possibly answer. what are your dogs names? >> paco and pepe. >> jimmy: oh. and what kind of dogs are they? >> chihuahua. >> chihuahua. chihuahua. >> jimmy: okay. how do you say "i have a banana in my pants in spanish?" [ both reply in spanish ] >> jimmy: looks like this is a riddle that i can't solve on my own. time to call lifelock. >> dicky: lifelock, relentlessly protecting your identity. don't be like guillermo, contact lifelock now at 1-800-lifelock or >> jimmy: "jimmy kimmel live" is back in two minutes with melissa leo, music from cage the el fapt and ryan seacrest.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- ryan seacrest. academy award-nominee melissa leo. and music from cage the elephant. with cleto and the cletones. ♪ it's "jimmy kimmel live." >> dain: and now, as luck could have it, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thanks to open of you. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the program. thank you for inviting me into your life and it's an important day today. it's an important night. tonight is our parking lot security guard, our friend, our little angel, guillermo's 40th
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birthday. [ cheers and applause ] that's -- guillermo turned 40 years old today. his mustache turned 32. it seems like only yesterday we were celebrating, guillermo. i guess it's true. guacamole really keeps you looking young. guillermo proved, if you come to this country and work kind of hard sometimes, but mostly not really, and you drink a lot, anything is possible. so -- [ cheers and applause ] i want to say this. sometimes people think guillermo is an actor that we hired. that is not true. he really was our parking lot security guard. he worked in the parking lot and he worked at a restaurant part time also. we thought he was funny so we started putting him on the air and then like a human pinata, wonderful things started to come out of him and because it is his
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40th birthday, i wanted to do something special. so, we asked guillermo's mom to come in to tell us a story of her special little boy. this is the guillermo story. >> hi, i'm guillermo. i'm here with my mom and my 40th birthday. mom, tell me how i was born. >> no, mom, don't say that! >> sorry, but it was so little. >> go home. mom. >> jimmy: well -- moms, right guillermo? they do that. [ cheers and applause ]
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guillermo, what is your favorite football team? >> dallas cowboys. >> jimmy: that's right. and what's the best thing about the cowboys? >> ah -- i think tony romo. >> jimmy: or, how about this? come on in, ladies. let the birthday kissing commence. go ahead and give him a birthday kiss, girls. you know how it works. >> wow. >> jimmy: look at that. isn't that beautiful? isn't america great? >> this is the american dream. >> jimmy: yeah. i think it's the mexican dream, too, i got news for you. >> one more for safety? >> jimmy: so, happy birthday to guillermo. you know -- it's very snowy, very cold along the east coast
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of the united states. new york got 19 inches of snow overnight last night, which is a pain to deal with but it's so cute watching the rats make little rat angels. here's a tip for those of you who are dealing with the freezing temperatures. try to use phrases like, i love you, to create warm feelings in your home. [ laughter ] you're welcome. not only is new york been the recipient of the most snow this jan than any jan on record, they are now getting a mix of lightning, thunder and snow that they're calling thunder snow, or as i prefer to call it, thunder snow! you know, you can't just say thunder snow like a nerd, it's thunder show! to give you an idea of just how bad the weather has been, we put together a collection of weather reports from some of the most heavily impacted cities. >> this is what it looks like in parts of the garden state. less than a quarter visibility. completely buried. >> in the d.c. area, hundreds of thousands of residents were left without power in frigid
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temperatures. >> here, 14 1/2 inches of this. >> they've canceled about 100 arrivals and over 200 departures. >> cross country skis aided many commuters through central park, which got hit with 19 inches of snow. >> and this is on top of all of this snow that they've had from the five previous snowstorms. >> we're looking at more 80s for tomorrow and then temperatures will start to cool down a bit. we have been dealing with winds. >> jimmy: yes, we, you know -- the winds, you know, the winds, they can miss up your hair. so, we're suffering, too. how is it going over there? >> great, jimmy. >> jimmy: almost 300,000 people in washington, d.c. were stuck without power. the weather even effected president obama's trip home from wisconsin. you see, maybe we do need a president palin, you know, she
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would break out the sled dogs, maybe kill a few squirrels on the way for nourishment. there should be a bad ass snow mobile version of air force one, shouldn't there? call it thunder snow-mobile. batman would have that, if he was the president. ohio congressman dennis kucinich has filed a lawsuit against the congress cafeteria for damage done to his teeth after he ordered a sandwich wrap and bit into an olive pit. he's suing for $150,000 in damages for dental and medical expresses and compensation for pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment. how much enjoyment could he have? he's dennis kucinich. well, there's dennis. it's -- i guess he is having some enjoyment, but -- it's a serious thing. that's like a regular-sized person biting into a bocce ball.
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ironically, did you know kucinich means kitchen in lawn gnome? that's true. the department of homeland security announced today they're doing away with the color-coded terror alert system we've come to know and love. we're going back, i guess to the old system, which was tagging people with beards, so -- the chief of homeland security confirmed this morning what i've been saying for years. the color system meant absolutely nothing and the safest way to go is to remain constantly terrified at all times. instead of announcing the color codes now, the tsa will announce, once you get to the airport, they will announce specifically what kind of security search you can expect to get. >> your attention please. the tsa will be focusing on testicles. repeat. today is a testicle search day. your cooperation is appreciated. >> jimmy: i like that. you know, you get through faster if you put them in a zip lock
12:18 am
bag. hey, speaking of security, facebook has announced that they will add new security features to their site after their own founder mark zuckerberg's facebook page was hacked. they can hack his page, how safe almost are those pictures of you? someone hacked the account of president nicholas solas sarkoz. not really hacked, he just surrendered his password. [ applause ] facebook says they're very concerned about this and they are committed to making sure the only people who would be able to take and sell your personal information without your consent is them. and by the way, while we're on the topic of facebook. on november, i created an event called national unfriend day. i encouraged people to cut people they're not friends with, to unfriend them. well, guess what, there used to be a button that used to say,
12:19 am
remove from friends. today, we noticed they've quietly changed it to a button that says "unfriend." that's right. so -- [ cheers and applause ] i did it. i -- i changed a button. it's very exciting. this is supposed to be how the guy who invented caps lock felt. >> thunder snow! >> jimmy: oh. a new episode of "american idol" tonight. they've been making a big deal this season out of the fact that they're now allowing 15-year-olds to audition. i guess it gives kids the opportunity to realize their dreams of becoming professional singers. but it's giving steven tyler an opportunity to be arrested before hollywood week comes. if you don't know what i'm referring to, watch the steven tyler creepy leer of the night. >> uh-oh. wow.
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>> jimmy: that's the -- [ applause ] the horniest scarecrow i've ever seen. they need to raise the minimum age up to 80, i think. there's new episode of "jersey shore" tonight and you're never going to guess what happened. there was a fight. there is always a fight. this time, a dom mesic dispute between ronnie and sammi. sammi was upset that ronnie was talking to j-woww. i can't believe i'm saying these things, but anyway, here's what happened. >> are you friends with her? >> i don't want to talk. >> are you friends with her or not? >> this is my last time trying. are you friends with her? >> happy birthday! >> jimmy: well, why ruin a perfectly good birthday? i had no idea 'roid rage was contagious until now. it's fun to watch that, but week after week, it can get a little
12:21 am
old so, tonight, we decided to change it up a little. we took the audio from tonight's episode and we mixed it up with the video from the cartoon plor" this is television magic. >> i heard a story about you today. i couldn't control myself. this type of yjuicy information has to be shared. >> i haven't hooked up with anything around here. >> who did you hook up with? >> that kid dean. >> so, maybe it's something about that. it's just something that you like. >> that i like? >> yeah. everybody has preferences. you happen to like this particular preference. >> i don't know what we're talking about. >> you don't like to [ bleep ], but you like looep looep. >> well, that's not true, because it's not true. >> i would never in my life [ bleep ] a -- let's be real. >> what the hell? >> jimmy: well, you know -- [ cheers and applause ]
12:22 am
she -- she does like to explore, it's right in her name. eventually some or perhaps all of the cast of that show will come west to california to move into a rehab center with dr. drew. that will happen. last night dr. drew hosted a live reunion special for season four of "celebrity rehab." this is where they all get together and they check back in to see how they're doing. turns out they're not doing so good. i guess they were supposed to tape the special last week, but dr. drew got sick. they did it live last night. he did a very good job letting us know the show is live. >> thank you for coming. it is indeed a privilege and honor to be here with a very special live live live edition of "celebrity rehab." did i mention we're hosting a live web chat. special live reunion. welcome back to our special live edition of "celebrity rehab." >> is this live?
12:23 am
>> i want to point out to you again that we are coming to you live. >> in other words, this is live. >> this is live television. >> this is live? >> live, live, live. >> this is live. >> this is happening right now. >> real life. >> i want to tell my kids to watch. >> live. >> jimmy: i had no idea you were in rehab, uncle frank. >> i was. >> jimmy: what's going on with your friend over there? >> wow. >> jimmy: you look like an indian or something right now. >> it's great. >> jimmy: you're blushing. our covered with lipstick. i'm not sure. >> both. >> jimmy: both. all right, it's thursday night, it's time for your weekly tribute to the fcc where we bleep and blur things whether they need it or not. it's "this week in unnecessary censorship." >> right now, how i'm feeling is, i want to grab her hand and run away. this is [ bleep ] crazy. >> after the first year of the
12:24 am
school's transformation, the principal who made it possible wiped away tears when a student said, [ bleep ] you, miss waters. >> it smells a lot like [ bleep ]. >> smells like [ bleep ], huh? >> tastes like [ bleep ], too. >> watch nancy grace, [ bleep ] 50 people in 50 days. >> what's your name? >> steve. >> is that right? >> the name is kind of funny because you probably heard it and you assume what my [ bleep ] was going to look like. >> yeah. >> gigantic. >> what do we have there? >> [ bleep ] my [ bleep ]. >> you were doing something to your [ bleep ] we couldn't figure it out. >> why are you being so level headed about this? >> don't be a siss. come on, [ bleep ] my butt. >> host ka knee know night with this triple threat gaming table. it converts from dining table to poker table to pool table. >> i'm from colorado, so, i know that prison and pretty good [ bleep ], i got to tell you. back to you guys in hollywood. >> jimmy: we have a good show
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for you tonight. from "the fighter," melissa leo is here. we have music from cage the elephant. and we'll be right back with ryan seacrest, to stick around. [ male announcer ] this is the evo 4g. this is android. which powers the evo. this is something nice someone said about the evo. so is this. ♪ and this. and all this. ♪ and this is the new htc evo shift 4g. a smaller evo with a slide out keyboard. only from sprint, the now network. now there's even more to talk about. trouble hearing on the phone? visit
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>> jimmy: hi there, welcome back. on our program this evening, a very talented woman who just received an academy award nomination for her performance in the movie "the fighter," melissa leo is here. this is their new album called "thank you happy birthday." cage the elephant from the bud light outdoor stage. next week, jamie foxx, kim kardashian, music from tiny tempa and jamie foxx. please join us. if everyone in america worked as
12:30 am
much as our first guest, we could crush the chinese like grapes. he has rug burns from so many red carpets and from the kardashians, too. earlier tonight, he hosted the world's greatest karaoke contest, "american idol," on fox. please welcome ryan seacrest. [ cheers and applause ] >> i'm exhausted. it's been a day. >> jimmy: it's always a day for you. thank you for stopping by. by coming here, even staying for nine minutes, you are losing $28,000 in revenue, so, we appreciate it. i owe you. >> my pleasure. >> jimmy: how is everything? >> good to be here. i didn't realize steven tyler was so provocative until i saw that clip earlier.
12:31 am
it goes right over our heads on the show. >> jimmy: you say that, but i wonder if they're reacting to this, the producers of the show and go, you know what, he looks a little bit too much like a pervert. we should reel this in. >> i think they're saying he looks like that, let's make ate two-hour episode. >> jimmy: or are they going to go with it? i think it's going to get -- it's going to be great when it's live. >> by the way, i'm like licking my chops. >> jimmy: he's going to be licking yours, too. >> wouldn't be the first. so, the judges, though, i mean, with this new group everybody has talked about what are their characters are going to be -- they are who they are. steven is that guy, i mean, he's from aerosmith, he's a rock star. he loves chicks. >> jimmy: seems like it. every time one walks through, you see the bingo numbers come up in his eyes. >> and you see jennifer roll her eyes at him. but you watch the clips of his
12:32 am
wardrobe and i didn't realize that anybody could make stripes, polka dots and paisleys co-exist together like he does. his fashion is definitely -- it's much more feminine than mine, finally. >> jimmy: you've taken a real masculine turn and i don't care for it. i liked when i was able to make fun of your frosted tips. you seem to be bronzing less. i don't know what's going on with you. >> again, not much time. >> jimmy: you're blossoming into a real man. so, what did you bring here? >> speaking of real man food. you were talking about that schedule, so, in order to -- >> jimmy: i heard you talk about this. >> i talk about it on the radio all the time this is my green juice. this is what i drink in between getting from -- >> jimmy: when you get angry, you turn into the hulk? >> not quite. miniature version. but this is called brazilian thunder, and i just got -- >> jimmy: did you name it? >> i did. it's kale, coconut water, greens, cinnamon, ginger.
12:33 am
a little bit of lemon. and i drin thk first thing in the morning -- >> jimmy: why is it called brazilian thunder? can you wax with it? >> wait a minute. you and i have known each other for too long. >> jimmy: are any of the ingredients from brazil? is it any good? >> it's great and really good for you. it keeps your energy up. >> jimmy: you make this? >> i do. and my trainer turned me onto this. he's a brazilian dude. don't ask. guillermo? >> jimmy: a birthday celebration. grar mow, you get a little bit of that -- >> what do you make of that? >> jimmy: it's not terrible. it tastes healthy. it tastes like you put a salad in a blender. >> it's like drinking a yard. >> jimmy: that's exactly what it is. i feel like i'm a kid and i'm mowing a neighbor's lawn right now. >> do you have to bag it or dump it in the back? >> jimmy: can you make popsicles out of this? do you make this every day, you get up and -- >> i do.
12:34 am
i make it the night before. >> jimmy: you can't freeze it and have a whole batch? >> it's not as good, jimmy. >> jimmy: is this really good for you? because it doesn't -- it doesn't teem like there's much in there. >> this is a thicker batch than normal, honestly. >> jimmy: it is a thick batch. can you put vodka in this? >> on fridays you can. >> jimmy: you know what, this is delicious, thank you. >> yeah. >> jimmy: randy was here last week and he said that people were calling him, asking him to kind of help get a job as a judge on "american idol" when the slots were open. did you get that? >> we, yeah, i guess we both did then. there were a couple of weeks when it was unknown who was going to be on the panel and i would look at my little call sheet of people who called during the day and i thought, wow, i'm moving up. >> jimmy: can you give us any names? he did give us one name. he said wayne newton call eed a asked. >> i don't know if he was being honest about that. maybe he was winding you up. real names like pop star names and i thought this is pretty
12:35 am
cool. then i realized when i returned the call that it always ended with, so, i'm free to do the show, you know, if they're still looking. >> jimmy: and what did you say? >> i have all the power, i'll take that back to the producers. >> jimmy: you said, listen, they're talking about replacing me with pat sajak. >> i said, look, barry man any low, i'll call you back on monday. >> jimmy: have you heard from simon regarding the new judges? >> actually, i did hear from him. i spoke to him when he was overseas on a little bit of a break and he -- he didn't comment about the new show. >> jimmy: really? >> he didn't bring up the new show but -- >> he likes to keep his opinions to himself. >> he -- i will tell you this is true, and he's a dear friend and he's going to continue to have a successful show in his new show but he'll be the first to congratulate himself on his new ratings by sending me a fax of the ratings to my house the day after his new series premieres. >> jimmy: are you concerned about that? can these shows co-exist?
12:36 am
>> yes. >> jimmy: are they different enough? >> yeah. i think so. >> jimmy: do you hope his does well? >> i do. >> jimmy: do you hope his does better than yours? >> jimmy, it's been a long segment. i feel like we should take a break, come back. >> jimmy: you love taking breaks and coming back. it's one of your favorite things. >> after the break. shower in two parts. >> jimmy: i happen to know, we've talked about this before, that you actually -- you eat food besides drinking this. >> i swallow solid food. >> jimmy: you collect menus from restaurants. >> yeah. >> jimmy: what do you do with them? >> i hang them on the wall in the kitchen. >> jimmy: how many do you have? >> probably 20. the idea -- >> jimmy: really? >> it's a graown-up version of collecting comic books. the idea is -- you have a great meal with family or friends and you're in a special place in the world, you have the chef sign it, you frame it and hang it. it's like a photograph but without pictures but a great memory. >> jimmy: that's nice. when you have a really good one you -- >> you say, can i have a chef
12:37 am
sign it, get a picture and you frame it up in the kitchen. >> jimmy: that is nice. i have a little surprise for you. it's not your birthday, but i do have something for you. i heard about this and i thought this would be absolutely wonderful. this is -- >> i've not been. >> jimmy: this is favor flav's new fried chicken restaurant. it's in clinton, iowa. and i have to say -- i've not been to your home but i think this will look -- any decor it would match. look at the beautiful frame we've done here. >> you know, i would like to extend an invitation to my home to figure out the right place. >> jimmy: can i bring flavor flav? >> yes. thank you so much, buddy. >> jimmy: you can enjoy that for years and years. >> that's awesome. >> jimmy: i know you have to go because you have to be at 2:00 in the morning to do your paper route and then go to the radio show. et cetera. but it's great to have you here. ryan seacrest, everybody. "american idol," wednesday and
12:38 am
thursday night at 8:00 on fox. we'll be right back with melissa leo. [ male announcer ] in the event of a collision, the smartest thing you could do is cut the fuel supply... ♪ ...unlock the doors, and turn on the hazard lights. or better yet, get a car that automatically does it for you. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] it's all the taste and none of the tradeoffs. it's applebee's unbelievably great tasting and under 550 calories menu. great tasting generous new dishes starting at $8.99. only at applebee's. open until midnight or later. fortunately, there's new crest pro-health clinical gum protection toothpaste.
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>> jimmy: hi there, we're back. still to come, cage the elephant. just as our next guest was coming down from the high of winning her first golden globe, he was nominated for an academy award. you can see her in the movie "the fighter." it is in theaters now. please say hello to melissa leo. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: you'ring a have ale ray great month so far, aren't you? >> yeah, it's been pretty good. has it been a whole month? seems like a couple of days. >> jimmy: you can boil it down into three weeks that all the great things have happened. you gave a great speech at the golden globes. very exuberant. was that planned? >> i had no idea what i said. i -- >> jimmy: you don't? >> i had an idea of who i
12:43 am
intended to thank, should i be so lucky and should i write it down and there really wasn't time, i have this job down in new orleans, running here and there and one thing and the other -- >> jimmy: there wasn't time -- you knew for weeks that you'd been nominated. >> i could go back and get the calendar back there and lay it out for you. it has been insane for me. >> jimmy: did you forget anyone? >> no, i think i did a pretty good job though i had borrowed a piece of paper from one of the autograph seekers because i realized i didn't have anything but my glasses in my purpose and maybe i would think of something there sitting at the table. >> jimmy: so somebody asked you for an autograph and you said, i'll take that and i need it and -- >> i wouldn't do that. no, they had a whole book and there was lots of blank pages. it was handy. >> jimmy: you didn't give it back to them -- >> i gave them the book back but i took a pen and asked if he had another and it would be all right if i borrowed --
12:44 am
>> jimmy: i'm not calling you a thief. >> if you want your pen back, get in touch with jimmy. >> jimmy: you mentioned your mom in the speech, and your mom said in an interview that she didn't like the movie because there was too much fighting in it. was she aware that the title of the film is "the fighter"? >> big red flag there, isn't it? >> she likes to see all of my work and her most favorite comment is, "i didn't like that movie." >> jimmy: that's crazy, huh? she didn't like the whole movie? >> why does she bother to go see them if she doesn't have something nice to say? >> jimmy: that's what your mother is supposed to say to you. don't say that when you're daughter's been nominated for an academy award. people know you from the show
12:45 am
"homicide." and you played your own sister on the show. >> i was worried about what they would bring into our little baltimore show. she was a sex pot -- >> jimmy: they would not give you the part of your own sister? >> i auditioned and then i landed it. i had the hair and makeup do we like alice with a short blond wig. i was a little younger then. and some clothing from the wardrobe department and i did indeed audition and they did not even let me take my name because they didn't want that thing. i played it and then my dad said, i knew it had worked out just fine, my dad called, said, melissa, where did they get that actress to play your sister? she even had your mannerisms. >> jimmy: that's about as good a compliment as you could possibly get. you live very different from "the fighter." buzz th was that a wig? >> that's my hair. cut and bleached and cut again and again and there i am. and then about an hour and a
12:46 am
half in the chair each day with johnny and -- >> jimmy: how does that work? do you get to decide when it is stopped or the director comes in -- >> no, the recutting and recutting of it had to do with david. he cited a certain picture in the photo albums, their family, hi, alice, if you're watching, had offered up their photo albums to the entire cast and crew and we had them, mark had them to research the costumes and we had all of the actual family to work with, as well. but david had indeed landed on one hair cut and i said, david, that's just not going to works it's short on me. you want to be pretty, right? >> jimmy: and he said no, i just want it to be real. >> no, i want this hair cut, basically. >> jimmy: i heard that you're not that interested in pop culture and you really don't know who some of the big actors are. is that true? >> that's really true, dave. [ laughter ]
12:47 am
>> jimmy: really -- i have bad news. you've been bamboozled. could have been worse, believe me. >> the first name that came to mind, quite frankly, is johnny, and maybe that dates me. >> well, sure. but i wanted to make sure you don't embarrass yourself at the osca oscars. you tell me if you know who these people are. look right in the monitor. >> oh, i see. >> jimmy: you know who that is? >> he's a rock climber and he's the one-armed rock climb. >> jimmy: that's james franco. you know who that is? >> yeah, we waltzed around at some parties. that's beautiful annie. this is -- do you know who this is? >> jimmy: do you? >> that is my mom's best friend? >> no. >> jimmy: well, i don't know. maybe she is. i have no way of knowing who your mother -- no, that's monique. she won the oscar last year for -- >> congratulations, girl!
12:48 am
this is good. >> jimmy: do you know who this is? >> that's that little thing from "true grit." i ran into her in an airport. i met her face to face. >> jimmy: she's your opponent. >> no, she's my friend. >> jimmy: okay. all right. do you know your friend's name? >> hailee. >> jimmy: absolutely right. do you know who this is? >> jimmy -- um -- >> jimmy: no, that's ryan seacrest. he was just here. >> oh, i knew i had seen him on the tv backstage. >> jimmy: he's that guy. [ applause ] that's the end of my life on tv. >> jimmy: i hope you know who this is. >> oh, oh, oh -- i do but i can't remember his name and i'm thinking of tiny tim and i know it's not him. >> jimmy: no, it's weird al. that's the one name you need to know if you're going to go to
12:49 am
the oscars. >> to go anywhere. >> jimmy: i've seen him destroy so many actors and actresses. be careful around weird al. we have a clip of the movie. let's give people a little sample of "the fighter." it's in theaters now. >> hi. >> well, well, well. look at this. >> look at what? >> why you hiding from us, mickey? >> he's not hiding. >> wasn't talking to you, i was talking to my son. what are you doing, huh? >> i'm right here. i ain't hiding from nobody. >> what are you going to do, turn your back on dicky next? all we ever wanted for you was to be world champion. >> mickey's a grown man. he can think for himself. >> shut your mouth. >> skank. >> jimmy: there you go. it's the tee they arein theater. melissa leo, everyone. we'll be right back with cage the elephant. [ sister ] we're the shultz's. [ brother ] a brother and sister photography team.
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>> jimmy: this is their new alb album, "thank you happy birthday." here with the song "shake me down," from bowling green, kentucky, cage the elephant. ♪ ♪ shake me down not a lot of people left around who knows now softly laying on the ground ♪ ♪ not a lot people left around ♪ ♪ in my life, i have seen people walk into the sea just to find memories plagued by constant misery ♪ ♪ their eyes cast down fixed upon the ground their eyes cast down ♪ ♪ i'll keep my eyes fixed on the sun ♪
1:00 am
♪ shake me down cut my hair on a silver cloud broken sound softly laying on the ground ♪ ♪ not a lot people left around ♪ ♪ in my past, bittersweet there's no love between the sheets taste the blood ♪ ♪ broken dreams lonely times indeed with eyes cast down fixed upon the ground ♪ ♪ eyes cast down ♪ i'll keep my eyes fixed on the sun ♪ ♪ turn back now its time for me to let go way down had to find a place to lay low ♪ ♪ lampshade turned around into a light post
1:01 am
♪ walk around the corner never saw it coming still ♪ ♪ i try to make a move it almost stopped me from belief i don't wanna ♪ ♪ know the future but i'm like rolling thunder ♪ ♪ even on a cloudy day even on a cloudy day even on a cloudy day even on a cloudy day ♪ ♪ even on a cloudy day even on a cloudy day even on a cloudy day ♪
1:02 am
♪ i'll keep my eyes fixed on the i'll keep my eyes fixed on the ♪ ♪ i'll keep my eyes fixed on the sun ♪ ♪ shake me down not a lot of people left around ♪ mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmw
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